Our Hero: The Egg

As we approach the cracking of our 2,345,678th egg since we opened here at The Breakfast Shoppe in 1988, we wanted to take a moment and honor our hero: The Egg! All over the world, eggs are considered the perfect staple diet for breakfasts. Being a storehouse

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The Unsung Hero – The Humble Potato

Pancakes or Waffles? The debate is real, and it’s quite serious. When faced with the question, many people will give you a clear answer followed by a compelling argument. And, rightfully so. We are all passionate about breakfast food. But, to our dismay, there exists a select group of individuals who do not have any preference at all. And to this, we say, “Pick a side and stay there.” For those who are undecided, we made things easy by breaking down the common arguments for both sides.

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Breakfast Around the World

Australia: One ingredient is the star of the show in Australia - Vegemite! Toast with Vegemite is the typical breakfast here. South Africa: Hot cereal or porridge, often made with corn and called putu pap, is the staple for breakfast here. It's served with milk and sugar.Read more