The History Of Pancakes


The history of the pancake traces back hundreds of years. That delicious breakfast you enjoy now was also enjoyed by people in medieval times. There are countless variations on the pancake that range from crepes, to Dutch, and flapjacks. Many of these depend on the region the

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Our Hero: The Egg

As we approach the cracking of our 2,345,678th egg since we opened here at The Breakfast Shoppe in 1988, we wanted to take a moment and honor our hero: The Egg! All over the world, eggs are considered the perfect staple diet for breakfasts. Being a storehouse

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The Unsung Hero – The Humble Potato

Pancakes or Waffles? The debate is real, and it’s quite serious. When faced with the question, many people will give you a clear answer followed by a compelling argument. And, rightfully so. We are all passionate about breakfast food. But, to our dismay, there exists a select group of individuals who do not have any preference at all. And to this, we say, “Pick a side and stay there.” For those who are undecided, we made things easy by breaking down the common arguments for both sides.

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Breakfast Around the World

Australia: One ingredient is the star of the show in Australia - Vegemite! Toast with Vegemite is the typical breakfast here. South Africa: Hot cereal or porridge, often made with corn and called putu pap, is the staple for breakfast here. It's served with milk and sugar.Read more