As we approach the cracking of our 2,345,678th egg since we opened here at The Breakfast Shoppe in 1988, we wanted to take a moment and honor our hero: The Egg!

All over the world, eggs are considered the perfect staple diet for breakfasts. Being a storehouse of nutrients and protein, eggs can be an integral part of a healthy diet. Eggs are a favorite of people who are conscious of their weight as they contain only 80 calories and about 5 grams of fat.

Did you know…?

Eggs, known as the alpha source of protein, help in building strong bones and healthy muscles, cartilage, and skin. Additionally, the protein found in eggs is vital for the creation of hormones, enzymes and other chemicals needed by the body. Riboflavin and Vitamin B2 are the major constituents of eggs, as both water-soluble vitamins need to be replenished from time to time and are necessary to ensure the proper functions of the body’s metabolic system, such as cell growth as well and energy production.

But wait, there’s more…

A single egg contains around 6 grams of high-quality protein, which is vital for the smooth operation of the nervous system. Eggs are a rich source of amino acids, which help in the prevention of the blood clots, strokes and heart diseases and the egg yolk is a rich source of choline, which is determined to help the regulation of the brain functions and cardiovascular system management.

Don’t believe everything you hear…

It is a myth that eating eggs can increase the risk of heart disease; one egg contains just 5 grams of fat and only 1.5 grams of that fat is the unsaturated fat, which is mainly found in the yolk, which is easily removed. It is true that eggs are also the only known food that provides us with Vitamin D. Some studies even claim that a woman who consumes eggs each week has proven to have a 44% lower risk of breast cancer. Added bonus: Apart from the health benefits, eggs are also known to promote the healthy growth of hair and nails due to the high content of sulfur along with many assorted vitamins!

So, now is the time to adopt the golden rule – an egg a day, keeps the doctor away!