Beat The Cold And Flu With Blackberries


You may have been told you to drink orange juice when you’re sick, but it’s actually blackberries that may best beat cold and flu bugs.

Did you know that blackberries contain more antioxidants per serving, which studies suggest may boost the immune system, than any other food? They contain polyphenols that are associated with fighting colds and flu, including Vitamin E. Blackberries are also high in magnesium and Vitamin C – too little Vitamin C weakens the immune system, creating feelings of stress and fatigue.

Try eating blackberries every day to give your immune system a boost. There’s no nutritional difference between fresh and frozen blackberries, so feel free to use either in recipes.

As much as we’d love to see you 7 days a week, we know not everyone can to join us for breakfast every morning. Here are a few suggestions of how to work blackberries into your regular diet at home:

  • Try fresh blackberries in your morning cereal.
  • Start your day with a healthy blackberry smoothie. Blend blackberries with Greek yogurt and honey to get fruit and protein in your morning meal.
  • Mix in blackberries when making pancakes, waffles or muffins.

Your body needs the right nutrients to help fight off those cold and flu bugs, so stop in and see us for your daily does of fruit…and other hearty options. Your body will thank us later!