Eggs Benedict

What Your Egg Style Says About You

Eggs are the breakfast of champions. Whether you prefer them hard boiled, scrambled, over easy, or something else entirely, your style of eggs says a lot about you. So, you can actually diagnose personalities based on how people like their eggs cooked? Yes, that’s eggsactly what we’re saying. Now, let’s get crackin’.


You’re a wild one, and you gravitate towards chaos. You like to go with the flow, paying little attention to strict rules and guidelines. Plus, you don’t worry too much about what others think of you. People tend to envy you because of your carefree nature, but sometimes you can end up with egg on your face.

Hard Boiledboiled eggs

You are incredibly focused and motivated in most aspects of your life. You are always on the go! That’s why you favor the most portable style of egg. You are also very committed to your work, family, and fitness. Upon first interaction, you appear to be a little hard around the edges, but once you dig in, there is no denying you are soft and gooey on the inside.

Over Easy

You are cool, calm, and collected. Everything comes effortlessly for you, and your easy-going nature just oozes out of you. You probably have a lot of friends, as people are attracted to your fun-loving personality. Your yolk runneth over with joy.


You like new and exciting experiences; therefore you tend to dabble in a little bit of everything. You don’t like to put all of your eggs in one basket. In fact, you enjoy living life to the fullest, as well as taking chances and trying new things along the way. Although simplicity isn’t exactly your forte, you are extremely organizeEggs Benedict d and put-together.

Eggs Benedict

Oh, you fancy, huh? You enjoy the finer things in life, and you love to add some spice and flavor to the mix. Of course, you like to live extravagantly but still well within your means. You are classy and elegant, and above all modest. You also have many layers and you never quite know what you’re gonna get!

Eggxit Joke: What did Snow White call her chicken? Egg white.

Come on into The Breakfast Shoppe today and we’ll order up some eggs just the way you like them.