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The Breakfast Shoppe on Ginormous Foods

A few months ago, The Breakfast Shoppe received a call from the Food Network. At first, we thought it might be a solicitation or at best, a prank. Imagine our surprise this was the real deal? They were developing a new show, and they wanted to feature The Breakfast Shoppe on Ginormous Foods. We were elated and honored… and said yes, of course!

What is Ginormous Foods?

It is a concept we all understand. The food show hosts gulp down enormous amounts of food as a challenge. However, this time, the show producers and host, Josh Denny were interested in more than just wowing viewers with colossal eats. Their goal is to travel the country seeking little known spots to sample big-tastes. They want to introduce us to next-level massive dishes that delight and impress with unexpected flavors and bold textures. The crew is traveling from Philly to Richmond to Nashville to Baltimore learning the ins and outs of supersized sensations.

Viewers get to join in the fun as host Josh Denny chats with restaurateurs about their menus. We watch as he eats pumped up portions of bagels that weigh in at a hefty 14 pounds or the biggest pizza pie in the state of Maryland. Getting hungry? Craving to know what the Breakfast Shoppe cooked up for the Food Network TV cameras? In the episode “Baltimore’s Biggest and Baddest” Josh stops in to visit us for a sweet treat: a heaping stack of Fall Harvest Pancakes, tipping the scales at 30 pounds! We also treated him to our legendary Backpacker’s Pie as well as our unique Heavenly Deviled Eggs.

Food Network Breakfast ShoppeFeatured Foods

Two days before the big event, we began preparing our camera-ready cooking skills and perfecting our dishes. First, we spent two days working on the star of our show: The Harvest Pancakes. We have been serving up this delicious Autumn treat for over ten years now (way before the whole pumpkin spice craze). We start with fresh roasted pumpkins and our secret recipe batter. Each pancake measured in at 2 inches thick and 27 inches in diameter. How big was the whole stack? A whopping 1 1/2 foot tall and weighing 30 pounds! The day of filming lasted from 7 am to 4 pm. In that time we cooked up five batches of Harvest Pancakes. That’s over 150 lbs of pancake batter!

Our next dish, while not ginormous in size, offers up substantial flavors. Our famous Backpacker’s Pie combines 12 fresh ingredients whose characteristics meld together, yielding a delicious hearty dish. It could fuel up a backpacker for a day of even the most treacherous climbing, or the hungriest growing teenage boy.

The Breakfast Shoppe on Ginormous Foods

Featured Dish: Heavenly Deviled Eggs

We also offered Josh one of our special twists on a classic that your grandma probably served up. Our Heavenly Deviled Eggs are a trio of flavors which upgrade this potluck staple. He got things started with this chef inspired appetizer. The dish included one of each of the following:

  • Shrimp and Crab with Garlic and Lime
  • Crispy Pancetta Bacon and Shallot
  • Portabella Ragout with Herbs

Watch Us on the Food Network

Want to know when you can catch the Baltimore’s Biggest and Baddest episode of Ginormous Foods? Tune into the Food Network for its premier on Friday, January 20th at 8 pm. It will also air again on Saturday, January 21 at 3 am, Monday, January 23 at 11 pm and on Tuesday, January 24 2 am. Check your local listings and set your DVR to catch The Breakfast Shoppe on Ginormous Foods. Until then, we invite you to come on into The Breakfast Shoppe and enjoy a hearty, deliciously memorable meal, today!

We were beyond humbled to be honored with this Food Network Experience. A big shout out to our loyal customers for their continued love and support. While our owner Jeff Fitchett is definitely more comfortable backstage, we are so proud of his killer on-air performance. The entire staff pulled together, as always, and that is one thing Ginormous Food host Josh Denny observed. He complimented everyone on how awesome they are, and said both the food and the service surpassed his expectations!