8 Reasons Why We Really Love Bacon

Countless books have been written discussing this important topic. Artists have been inspired to create, musicians to sing, comedians to stand up for it. It is a subject that which all ages understand. Bacon. We love bacon. Whether you think of it as a side dish, a topping, or the main event, there is no doubt that bacon is creating a movement. It is not just for breakfast anymore. Folks use it in desserts, in cocktails, even chewing gum. You will spot young and old alike donning bacon apparel. The mere scent of it gets our mouths watering and tummies grumbling. Why is it we love bacon so much? Here is a list of eight reasons why we really love bacon.

8. It’s the Ultimate Hangover Food

We all have those moments when our bodies are saying, “You partied a bit hard last night.” That is where our friend bacon comes in – nothing like a bit of grease to help overcome that headache.

7. Bacon Has No Carbs

For real! You trying to limit your carbs, no problem, you don’t have to cut out the bacon. It also helps curb hunger because it is high in saturated fats. This means you will be fuller, longer than on carbohydrates.

6. That Crunch

We could write odes to the simple joy of biting down on a crunchy piece of bacon. It’s heaven. The sun shines brighter, you walk a little faster, you smile a bit more – this is what life is all about.

5. Vitamin B as is Bacon

Bacon provides 65% of our recommended daily intake of Thiamin (Vitamin B1), 47% of our Niacin (Vitamin B3), 38% of our Vitamin B12 and 36% of our Zinc. Okay great. Can we have more please?

4. Easy to Make

What gets easier than frying up some bacon. If you are really lazy, you can even microwave it (not recommended). It’s yummy and made for lazy people. We are okay with that.

3. Bacon + _____ = AWESOME

Is there something that doesn’t go with bacon? Shhh. That is rhetorical. Of course, there isn’t. Ice cream, chocolate, Bloody Mary’s, sandwiches, meats, veggies, every single food group… we could go on.

2. High in Protein

Bacon is high in protein. Protein happens to be the in the key component in staying healthy, having energy, and better hair/nails/skin. Give up the beauty regimen, stand aside make-up – bring me the bacon!

1. #FreeBaconFridays

As if Fridays could get any better, we have free bacon on Fridays. That’s right; we said FREE BACON! Every Friday we serve up our patrons free bacon. It’s our way of showing our love of bacon while at the same time saying thanks to our customers.

Have we gotcha thinkin’ about bacon (as if you weren’t already)? Come on into The Breakfast Shoppe any day of the week and love bacon with us!