Pancakes and waffles

Pancakes vs. Waffles: Who’s the Real Winner?

Pancakes vs. waffles? The debate is real, and it’s quite serious. When faced with the question, many people will give you a clear answer followed by a compelling argument. And, rightfully so. We are all passionate about breakfast food. But, to our dismay, there exists a select group of individuals who do not have any preference at all. And to this, we say, “Pick a side and stay there.” For those who are undecided, we made things easy by breaking down the common arguments for pancakes vs. waffles.

The Pancake Side:

Pancakes or waffles

  • Pancakes are softer and easier to eat. They can also be fully on the inside and crispy around the edges.
  • Pancakes are denser and more filling than waffles. It’s difficult to walk away hungry after eating a stack of pancakes.
  • Seriously have ultimate variations, cinnamon roll pancakes, banana nut pancakes, trailblazer pancakes, strawberry short stack…
  • Try constructing Mickey Mouse’s ears with a square waffle.

The Waffle Side:

Pancakes or Waffles

  • Waffles hold syrup better than pancakes. The small squares act as tiny cups to keep the sweetness in place.
  • Chicken and Waffles is a thing. Chicken and pancakes, however, is certainly not.
  • Waffles are crispier and fluffier than pancakes.
  • Waffles are portable. Have you ever seen someone grab a pancake to go? Don’t think so.
  • They don’t make pancake cones. Just saying…

Have you chosen a side yet? At the Breakfast Shoppe, we welcome both waffle and pancake lovers with open arms. We know the debate is heated, and we have both breakfast items on our menu to accommodate each side. So, the pressing question is when Sunday morning rolls around, are you picking pancakes or waffles? Come on into the Breakfast Shoppe today and order your favorite.