The importance and popularity of coffee cannot be denied – not only as household commodity, but also in the economy. Did you know that next to petroleum, coffee is the second top commodity in the trading industry? It gives a total of around sixty billion dollars in revenue every year from the fifty-three countries that grow coffee. Though a prime commodity, not everybody knows everything about this daily staple.

Here are some quick facts about coffee that may come in handy one day… you never know:

  1. Legend has it a 9th-century Ethiopian goat herder discovered coffee by accident when he noticed the beans having an unusual stimulating effect on his goats.
  2. New Yorkers drink almost 7 times more coffee than other cities in the US.
  3. The first food to be freeze-dried was indeed coffee.
  4. Coffee beans grow on a bush.
  5. The lethal dose of caffeine is roughly 100 cups of coffee.
  6. Espresso is regulated by the Italian government because it is considered an essential part of their daily life.
  7. Hawaii is the only state that commercially grows coffee.
  8. In the ancient Arab culture, there was only one way a woman could legally divorce: If her husband didn’t provide enough coffee.
  9. Coffee beans are actually the pit of a berry, which makes them a fruit. The best fruit.
  10. In the 1600’s, there was a controversy over whether or not Catholics could drink coffee. Luckily, Pope Clement VIII said it was okay.
  11. The first webcam was invented at the University of Cambridge to let people know if the coffee pot was full or not.
  12. Before coffee caught on in the U.S. in the 1700’s, beer was the breakfast drink of choice.