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About The Breakfast Shoppe

The Breakfast Shoppe is a locally owned and operated restaurant. We specialize in friendly, efficient service and deliver a cozy, home-style dining experience.

We offer home-made meals using the freshest and finest ingredients. Some of our menu items include: savory omelettes, tasty grilled sandwiches, and garden-fresh salads. Plus there is never a shortage of delicious crisp bacon, a perfect complement to any meal. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love bacon?

Our griddle menu selections will satisfy any comfort food craving, and we have a variety of delectable Eggs Benedict options. Our classic breakfasts are anything but boring and are appetizing versions of your old time favorites.

All of our mouth-watering dishes are prepared to order and are sure to please any palate, satisfying even the most finicky eater. Whether you are ravenously hungry or looking for a satisfying low carb option, The Breakfast Shoppe has something for everyone.

Come in today for some good ol’ fashion home cooking!

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